My Experience

Starting my career as a speaker in 2001 with the largest international training organisation Dale Carnegie I became their youngest qualified trainer worldwide, a business with over 4000 employees. I went on to become one of the few Master Trainers in the organisation, enabling me to asses new trainer candidates.

Since then I believe I have now worked in every industry sector and with many of the best known global brands. I have been privileged to travel extensively around the world with my work learning to engage with a hugely diverse range of audiences. As a result of this experience, I believe that I bring unique cultural perspectives to both my talks and my writing.

I have delivered seminars and talks in more than 22 countries worldwide to 43 different nationalities and these numbers increase each year.

Countries I’ve worked in (yellow):

Having held a lifelong passion for travel I have been fortunate to speak and deliver seminars across many different countries and cultures – this is without doubt the best part of my work!



Nationalities I’ve worked with (blue):

The diversity of culture and attitudes I’ve worked with is a constant source of fascination and learning to me which has been truly humbling. We are often too quick to assume WE do things ‘the right way’. It’s only through meeting thousands of people from all across the globe, that I’ve realised there are many ways to approach both business and relationships.