I believe to spend our lives feeling unhappy or disengaged in our work is insanity. There are people all over the world with far less than most of us will ever experience and yet lifetime happiness is often the same or greater than in developed countries. Happiness and engagement in work is not a function of wealth, seniority or privilege – it is a function of attitude. We create organisations and structures which drain the raw potential of our colleagues and ultimately damages both business and productivity.

Through better understanding of each other and through the courage to break historical patterns of organisational behaviour we are seeing organisations across the world flourishing and growing at incredible rates. Attitudes to work, life and leadership are changing and we need to change the way we think before we get left behind!!

My values are shown on the right. In everything I do I use my personal values to guide my behaviour, when I am aligned to these words I know I succeed and moreover I know I feel good about what I’m doing. This is the same in your organisations – when people find their personal values are aligned to those of their employer they bring a totally different approach to their work.