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Switched On Leadership Magazine

Chris Atkinson talks to the editor about How to Engage and Inspire Audiences in this the 33rd edition of Switched On Leadership Magazine. In this cover feature, he talks about his upcoming book – Corporate Energy; giving advice on how to connect and involve an audience.

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Realizing Leadership Magazine – The Transformational Leader

Featured on the front cover of the magazine Editor Laurie Wilhelm is in Conversation with Chris Atkinson about Transformational Leadership in the April 2015 issue of Realizing Leadership Magazine!

See Issue 30 on the Magazine’s website here

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Motivation Beyond Money Blog with Chris Atkinson

3Q Leadership – Motivating People Beyond Money

Published on the Award Winning 3Q Blog (100 Most Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs, Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts Online, Top 75 Human Business Champions). Money is not enough, because in a world of increasing change, challenges, competition the litmus test, the NEW currency of success is in your people.

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10 top tips for effective line manager communication

Journal of Internal Communication – 10 Tips for Effective Line Manager Communication

When it comes to communication most line managers are quite lazy! These practical top 10 tips were featured in volume 10 of the Journal of Internal Communications. See Volume 10 on the Magazine’s website here

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Switched On Leadership Magazine

Chris Atkinson talks about his favourite subject Creating Corporate Energy – How to Engage and Inspire Others in this the 22nd edition of Switched On Leadership Magazine in another of his popular articles.

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Minute-Hack Presenting with Impact

MINUTEHACK: Presenting With Impact

Featuring guest blogger Chris Atkinson. Based on his book Corporate Energy, Chris shares some simple tips and ideas to ditch PowerPoint and hold more powerful presentations!


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Business Leader Magazine: 10 Tips To Transform Your Leadership

Leadership expert Chris Atkinson gives his tips on how to transform yourself into an amazing leader.


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5 Tips on Motivating Unpaid Interns

5 Tips on Motivating Unpaid Interns

Featuring guest blogger Chris Atkinson. Chris is a renowned business speaker who combines his commercial and training focus with a wealth of psychological knowledge in order to inspire and motivate individuals and business internationally. Today, he’s sharing with us his secrets on how to motivate unpaid interns


Published on The Apprentice Programme:

How to Motivate Employees Without Paying More Money

Chris Atkinson examines how entrepreneurs can motivate their people without having to increase their salary. The article looks at the art of ‘inspiring others’. He suggests we have to tap into a greater motivator than simply money, we have to find a way of connecting emotionally with people and this is where inspiration is the key.

Originally published on Business Zone:


training zone article

Training Zone – Five Leadership Techniques for the Technically Minded

It’s essential that the technical experts in an organisation are encouraged to step into leadership roles, otherwise we risk restricting diversity in the leadership pool, warns Chris Atkinson. This article asks readers not to write off your technical experts so quickly! They have genuine leadership potential if nurtured correctly.

Published in Training Zone:

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Journal of Internal Communication – Targeting Disengaged Employees

You might be asking yourself how do we target disengaged employees? What impact might this have on the business? Chris Atkinson explores the elements of employee engagement and reveals one sustainable competitive advantage that may be the answer to your questions.

Published in JOIC:

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Business Insider – Team Building

There is a world of difference between an incentive/reward experience and team-building experience. It’s a great idea to send people away for a fun day out as a thank you, let them quad bike or shoot things, but don’t expect them to come back to the office different people. This article discusses how the team away day market has changed in recent years.

Published in Business Insider Magazine:

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Training Pages – Why Team Building is a Waste of Your Money

A controversial look at the team building market by Chris Atkinson that makes a distinction between Reward/Incentive Days and Team Building Events suggesting that they are two VERY different things. Many companies sell one as the other and many more buy one thinking they will get the other!!

Published on Training Pages:

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