My Company

ET Logo - Dark AsphodelIn 2004 I started Elysian Training Ltd with the intention of being able to partner national and multinational organisations in larger scale cultural change.

In our first year our first client was Smurfit Kappa UK, we developed a national programme called “Leadership At All Levels” which aimed to create a more dynamic and empowered organisation. With the commitment and support of the Chief Executive the changes in the UK business soon caught the attention of the European group who engaged us to run 360 degree assessments across the entire European division starting with all country CEO’s. We are incredibly proud to say today, more than 10 years later, Smurfit Kappa is still a valued client and the relationship we have has become a template for us on other projects.

As Elysian has grown the training portfolio has also grown and now we offer a large range of solutions for engagement and performance as well as cultural work. Today Elysian has a fantastic team of trainers in the UK and Europe who are the very best at what they do, we have an exclusive Executive Portfolio for senior leaders/board level clients and we are partnering with a diverse range of industries to deliver creative solutions that actually work!


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