I am always enthusiastic to write my content bespoke to the client and situation. No talk is 'off the shelf' and in fact I love writing new talks and presentations. That said, below you will find a selection of keynote talks that I currently give.


Motivation beyond money

Money is WHY we work
But it isn't what motivates us!

Despite a growing body of research to the contrary, most organisations remain fixated on incentive and punishment as the key methodologies for employee motivation and engagement. Many leaders find it hard to imagine an organisational context where money isn’t the driving force behind the motivation of their people. Whilst money will remain the primary reason why most of us decide to work it actually isn’t an effective motivator nor is it actually very effective as a means to drive higher performance.

Where is organisational culture?

Culture Defines Our Organisations
...Do you know how?

I believe there is no higher priority for an organisation than to create the most effective culture for its employees. In this presentation I talk about how you can both identify and observe your organisational culture. We will take this seemingly large subject and uncover how it quickly becomes relevant to every employee, every day. The organisations that are prospering in todays world are the ones with a vibrant culture, your culture is not defined by posters and mission statements, it is defined by the day to day behaviours.

Moral Leadership

Moral Leadership
...During the 4th Industrial Revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is led by organisations and technology not nations, it is driven by profit and efficiency not welfare and happiness. Interestingly at the same time as we build a traditional capitalist economy, we are also seeing a rise in consciousness in the global population; organisational profit and country GDP are NOT sufficient foundations for humanity’s future. If the world we are in (or that we are moving towards) operates using a market-state model then the ‘leaders’ who will be responsible for leading us into the future successfully will increasingly be business leaders and not politicians. The problem is that business leaders may not have ever considered this responsibility, their role has always been to maximise the financial return of shareholders.

Leadership isn’t what you think it is

Leadership is About Seniority

One of the hardest leadership attitudes to change is the sense that I am a leader because I am in some way important, senior or powerful. Leadership is not connected to any of these things, the challenge of true leadership is to have enough humility to realise that leadership is 'given' to you by others not 'granted' through age, experience or seniority. This talk will inspire people at all levels to focus more on relationships and gaining commitment rather than using incentive and reward to motivate.

Corporate Energy – How to engage and inspire others

I Want to Engage and Inspire
But how do you ACTUALLY do it?

A truly unique talk which by it's nature has to itself inspire to have credibility! Most of us want to inspire our people, to engage and motivate them to give their best to a project or role. It seems there are masses of resources available online and in books to help you but the shocking discovery I made was that there are actually NO books or practical guides explaining HOW to do it. The talk will break down engagement and inspiration into the emotional components you need to demonstrate, then I'll give you a clear toolkit of behaviours which will give you the very best chance of inspiring!

Leadership skills for the technically minded

We Have Great Technical Experts in Our Organisation
But handling people is hard!

It is easy to get judgemental about the technically skilled, writing off leadership as a challenging route for them. There are books for leaders explaining how to lead technical teams but when it comes to growing the leadership skills of our technical experts, surprising little helpful advice exists. This talk gets inside the strengths of a technical mind and explains how those strengths can be turned into leadership behaviours. Without stereotyping people most audiences will quickly recognise elements of their own behaviours and find humour in the challenges I speak about.

The psychology of influence

Influence can be learnt
...But it's not what you expect!

This presentation outlines how the expectations of customers is changing and how companies need to react to these changes. You will learn the critical factors for influence as demonstrated in the psychological research. The key points will be backed up by current examples in the media and practical tips which you can use in your business to increase the impact you have.

How to lead people we find challenging

You Know Those People
...We never quite connect with

Imagine the time and emotional energy saved if you didn't have those frictions or pointless arguments that often happen with some colleagues, imagine if you could change that person to encourage them to see things differently. This line of thinking sadly is fundamentally flawed and importantly bad for business, it is a seductive lie that promises the impossible - that we can change or control people. This talk establishes two facts at the outset: 1. You CANNOT change or control people 2. You DO NOT want people to think like you. I'll explain why the people you find challenging are those in your team you have the shallowest relationship with and what you can do about it to build a productive working is possible!