Here are a number of audio presentations and podcasts which you may find interesting:

Motivation for Regular People

Where There’s Smoke – Inspiration

In this interview with Chris is the guest of Brett and Nick from Where There’s Smoke – the podcast surfs the zeitgeist through an array of audio clips, quotes, concepts, and conversations, all in the spirit of The Daily Show and This American Life.

Leadership Connections – TrainingZone Podcast

In this podcast, Jon Kennard editor of TrainingZone interviews Chris Atkinson about how leadership differs from management and how managers can become stronger leaders.

How to Engage and Inspire – Training Journal Interview

In this interview I speak about my book Corporate Energy, How to Engage and Inspire Audiences… I discuss the most common mistakes, simple tips and who are some inspiring speakers in the public spotlight!

Leadership Simplified

Leadership isn’t what you thought it was! Find out why…and how you can focus your behaviours on the things that matter.

The Principles of Transformational Leadership 

Transformational leadership is a radical approach to managing people which moves away from reward and punishment behaviours towards intrinsic motivations.

Secrets of Engagement

Engagement is a critical consideration for organisations but few leaders really understand what it means or what factors influence it. In this podcast you’ll discover the keys to lasting engagement in your teams.

Motivation Beyond Money – Recorded live at The World of Learning, N.E.C 2015

Many leaders find it hard to imagine an organisational context where money isn’t the driving force behind the motivation of their people. Whilst money will remain the primary reason why most of us decide to work it actually isn’t an effective motivator nor is it actually very effective as a means to drive higher performance.